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This article features obsolete content.

This article contains content which is no longer used in Space Station 13, (or at least Paradise, this server), this page has been kept for archiving purposes.


We've got a mutiny on-deck, cap'n!

Mutiny is one of the Game Modes that will come about either of the Secret Game Mode or because an admin has decided to play it. Either way, now you are in a mutiny round.

What does a mutiny round entail?

In a mutiny round, there are two things that happen: One, the Captain will get a fax from a Central Communications impersonator, which orders them to carry out a malicious 'Directive X'. Two, one of the Heads of Staff will be chosen at random to lead a Mutiny.

So, I'm the Captain. What does Directive X mean?

On the fax that you receive, Directive X's specific parameters will be given. A few common examples are: Firing all members of a non-human species, demoting female heads of staffs, transferring credits from one department to another, or turning all non-essential staff into mining crew. There are, however, many others besides these.

I'm the Head Mutineer, what do I do?

As the Head Mutineer, you are able to recruit people into your mutiny with a special verb you are given at the start of the round. Give a speech before you do it, though. Looks damn cool. Your job, as the start-of-the-round text says, is to stop the Captain from completely following Directive X. This can be done using any means, but try not to kill everyone who stands in your path.

How does one win a Mutiny round?

As the Captain.

To complete the Mutiny round as a Captain, you must first follow Directive X and do whatever it tells you to do. After this, you will be told to use an authentication disk that you spawn with, and a secondary one that the Head Mutineer will have, on the nuclear device in the Vault. The rest is self-explanatory. Try to keep the Head Mutineer from calling the shuttle, and get that disk.

As the Head Mutineer.

To effectively win the Mutiny round, you need to a) Stop the Captain from completing Directive X. If you can't do this, then move on to step b) Keeping the disk you spawned with on you at all times, and calling the shuttle. If the shuttle makes it, and goes back to Central Communications with the Mutineers on it, you will win, as the second objective(to kill the mutineers) for the Captain will not be completed.

If you've managed to defeat the Captain, you will live on as a hero of Nanotrasen!

Discontinued Features/Species:
Xenoarchaeology - Skill System - Mutiny - Spider - Nucleation - Wryn - Malfunction
Discontinued Jobs:
Ambassador - Customs Officer - Nanotrasen Recruiter - Space Ninja
Old Locations:
Diona Embassy - Grey Embassy - Unathi Embassy - Vox Embassy - Kidan Embassy - Slime Embassy - Skrell Embassy - Tajaran Embassy - Art Storage - Research Outpost - Genetics Maintenance