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Introducing Nano-Mob Hunter GO!

The new hit game from NanoTrasen's severely underpaid PDA development department is now available on-board your sector's station! Explore the station around you in order to capture the Nano-Mobs hiding in the halls, walls, and even toilets!

What is Nano-Mob Hunter GO?

Nano-Mob Hunter GO! is a brand-new augmented reality (AR) game available for standard issue NanoTrasen PDA devices. Cartridges are available in your station's cartridge vending machine, or you can pick up one from your pre-shift loadout store for a jump start on the fun! Of course, if you hate fun you can just go shove it back to work.

How to play:

Once you slot the cartridge into your PDA, simply load up the program and connect to the sector's game server (located safely off-station for your own protection) to begin encountering the Nano-Mobs hiding on board your station. Should you manage to locate one of these elusive creatures, simply interface with it by tapping your PDA against the avatar (or you can throw your PDA at it for the full experience. DISCLAIMER NanoTrasen is not responsible for any injury, property damages, or loss of life that may result from this interaction. See your employee contract, section "Forfeiture of Liability Claims", for further details) to attempt to capture it within your device. Some mobs are more difficult to capture than others, so don't be surprised if your target evades you, just track down a fresh target since you only get one chance per avatar!

The nanomobs you find around the station are also able to be found by your crew-mates, so feel free to let your buddy know where and when you find a rare nano-mob, or tell your rival to check the singularity for a rare spawn! (DISCLAIMER Don't encourage crew members to enter the singularity for any reason, no matter how rare the mob might be or how little you enjoy their continued existence.)

Certain mobs and elemental types have preferences on where they may spawn or will refuse to spawn in certain areas or turfs. For example, Grass types like spawning on grass floors, while Ice types refuses to spawn in the kitchen, so get out there and make some friends to try and find them better!

At any time, you can browse your collection of captured mobs to feel superior to your coworkers by re-opening your game. You can browse your collection to view information on your obtained mobs, give them a brand new nickname, release them into the wild, or even convert them into ultra-popular Nano-Mob Hunter Trading Cards fit for trading and transferring to a friend's collection!

When AR games get too realistic

This game can be emagged. Hilarity ensues.