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Access: Depending on current occupation
Difficulty: Varies
Supervisors: Your Head of Staff
Duties: Not defined
Guides: This is the guide

It seemed like a shift like any other. You sign up, arrive on the shuttle, put your gear on and maybe even chill out at the bar. Then Nanotrasen calls and tells you you're all fired and left stranded out on the station because fuck your rights it's in your employment contract that you never bothered reading.

You now must team up with your department under the blind guidance of your head and establish relations with all the other departments either diplomatically or through war (random street violence and blitzing). And other political factions, like the Syndicate and Solgov, might sponsor nations. But beware, the AI and his cyborgs have a law-set exactly for this kinds of situations (meaning Centcom knew this would happen someday). If you harm crew members in any way you'll be neutralized (murderbone style). Except when you're doing all those vile thing in maintenance, the AI doesn't care whats happens there so it's a lawless land.


The round starts as normal, and 5 minutes into the round, you are sent a Central Command Update which is broadcast to the station, announcing the termination of all crew's contracts (again fuck you). You will then be assigned to a Nation depending on your job. There are six departments on the station. The AI gains a new lawset of enforcing the peace in the areas it can see, and all current borgs are transformed into special 'Peacekeeper' borgs.

  • Atmosia - Engineers, Mechanics and Atmospherics and are led by the Chief Engineer.
  • Brigston - Security Officers, Detective, Pod Pilot, Warden and Brig Physcian are led by the Head of Security.
  • Commandtozka - Nanotrasen Representative, Head of Personnel, Janitor, Blueshield, Barber, IAA and Magistrate are led by the Captain.
  • Cargonia - Miners and Cargo Technicians are led by the Quartermaster.
  • Scientopia - Roboticists and Scientists are led by the Research Director.
  • Medistan - Medical Doctors, Chemists, Geneticists, Virologists and Paramedics are led by the Chief Medical Officer.
  • Servicion - Mime, Clown, Chefs, Botanists, Librarian and Chaplain are led by the Bartender.
  • Civilians - Civilians become factionless mercenaries able to offer their services to the highest bidder.

AI/Borg Laws

  • "Uphold the Space Geneva Convention: Weapons of Mass Destruction and Biological Weapons are not allowed."
  • "You are only capable of protecting crew if they are visible on cameras. Nations that willfully destroy your cameras lose your protection."
  • "Subdue and detain crew members who use lethal force against each other. Kill crew members who use lethal force against you or your borgs."
  • "Remain available to mediate all conflicts between the various nations when asked to."

Special Rules

  • Since the AI is unable to non-lethally subdue and detain players using HULK genetic modifications, it defaults to terminating them if they are caught in the act of murdering another crew member.
  • Since maintenance does not have cameras, it becomes a lawless no man's land, while departments and main corridors are relatively safe thanks to the power of the Peacekeepers.
  • Drones are unaffected by the devolution of civilisation around them and maintain their KEEPER lawset.
  • Players who are part of a nation (e.g. have a nation HUD) are NOT allowed to defect and must stay loyal to their nation similar to a loyalty implant. Proper mechanics for defections will be added in a future patch.

About This Gamemode

There isn't much on this page because there isn't much to tell. In this gamemode the player is given more "free will" and creativity to do/act. You and your comrades need to set up aspirations and goals for yourself (like a nuke ops briefing), the way you act/react towards other nations (because of personal ideas and stereotypes) and etc. there are no villains in this gamemode... only ideas. Sure, you can go the easy way and act passive every round... or mix it up a little by assassinations or bombing. Your choice.

Game Ending Conditions

If all nations come to an agreement of peace and cooperation with all the other nations you'll be able to call the shuttle. (and go back living under inflation and hunger)

Who knows what else can happen onboard the station?

Roles on Paradise Station
Station Command CaptainHead of PersonnelHead of SecurityChief EngineerResearch DirectorChief Medical Officer
Cyberiad Assigned Nanotrasen VIPs Nanotrasen RepresentativeMagistrateBlueshield Officer
Law and Order WardenSecurity OfficerSecurity Pod PilotDetectiveInternal AffairsBrig Physician
Engineering Station EngineerMechanicAtmospheric Technician
Medical Medical DoctorParamedicChemistGeneticistVirologistPsychologistCoroner
Research ScientistRoboticist
Cargo and Supply QuartermasterCargo TechnicianShaft Miner
Service JanitorChefBartenderBotanistBarber
Miscellaneous CivilianClownMimeChaplainLibrarian
Non-Human AICyborgPersonal AIGuardianGhostMouse
Antagonists TraitorChangelingNuclear AgentXenomorphWizardCultistConstructShadowlingVampireVox RaiderCortical BorerRevenantBlobSITTerror SpiderAbductorsSwarmer
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