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There are a multitude of friendly creatures aboard the NSS Cyberiad. Most, if not all of these, can be controlled by ghosts.

Crab.png Coffee: Crab

Coffee does not belong to any one department and usually resides in the pool located in the dormitories. No one is quite sure how or why a crab was brought onto a spaceship, but most people just accept him as a minor tripping hazard. When Coffee is not being used as food by the Chef, he seems to become the figurehead of various cult groups with surprising frequency.

Clucky.png Commander Clucky: Chicken

Commander Clucky is a veteran of many conflicts, a wild gun for hire, and the craziest bad-ass you will ever see. She began her career doing security work for a small transport company on Septus II, protecting warehouses and providing the occasional escort of shuttles. Bored, she enrolled in Nanotrasen's private military, and was soon shipped off-world.

Her first conflict was the annexation of a small mining colony, where she made a name for herself during the final days of the conflict when the fighting was the bloodiest. She was one of the small number of those left alive from the Battle of Black Hill where a Nanotrasen held facility was assaulted in a last ditch effort by the local military to push the corporation off planet. Thanks to, then Private Clucky, Nanotrasen was able to keep a foothold on the planet and complete the annexation.

After two decades of bloody fighting, Clucky rose through the ranks. In her final operation, a suppression of a Corgi uprising on Fang Xei IX, she was seriously wounded by mortar fire whilst in the thick of the fighting. She was taken to a field hospital but her wounds were too great, so they could only stabilize her for extraction to a better provisioned facility. Thus Commander Clucky arrived on the NSS Cyberiad looking to receive medical attention. Unfortunately the station crew do not recognize her rank or status and have ignored her grievous wounds.

E-N.gif E-N: Borgi

E-N is the Roboticist's pet. Made from one of the many clones of Ian that Nanotrasen goes through in any given week, E-N was designed with the hopes of creating the ultimate Corgi. To achieve this, the elite Nanotrasen science team dyed his fur grey and gave him a light-up visor. Although unable to reach the goals of his original design, E-N has all the best functions of a corgi plus the ability to do your taxes for you. He is the Corgi made of metal with a heart of gold, mostly because tests found that a golden heart was a great conductor and the hearts made of gibtonite were slightly dangerous. E-N enjoys a warm cup of a java in the morning with his kibbles and bits.

Corgi Ian.png Ian: Corgi

The original Ian was the pet of a high-ranking executive on Nanotrasen's headquarters on Mars. Ian and this executive were dear friends, but not all things can last. As Ian began to grow old and feeble the executive made the bold decision of recording Ian's genetic data. Paying out of pocket to have provide a copy of Ian's genetic data to every Nanotrasen facility, the executive sought to ensure that every Captain and every crew member would get to experience the affection of this lovable Corgi.

Facehugger.gif Lamarr: Xenomorph

Lamarr belongs to the Research Director and is normally kept in a cage. Lamarr is one of the lower forms of Xenomorph and has undergone a surgical operation to prevent it from being able to procreate*. Being a facehugger, most people tend to run away from Lamarr even though he was made harmless. This has not lessened Lamarr's "friendliness" and it will still happily greet anybody crazy enough to try approaching it.

*Nanotrasen is 99.99% sure that Lamarr is safe to keep on the station and is not responsible for any harm, physical or emotional, that comes to its workers due to being in proximity to Lamarr as stated in the employee handbook.

Poly2d.gif Poly: Parrot

Poly is the Chief Engineer's parrot. Originally the companion of a feared space pirate, Poly ratted out his original owner in exchange for an easy life aboard a Nanotrasen ship. He is a colorful parrot that flies around and occasionally steals things out of people's hands. He also is able to repeat phrases he hears, so expect lots of angry engineering terms coming from this guy.

Runtime.png Runtime: Kitty

Runtime is a small cat, belonging to the Chief Medical Officer on the station. Originally the cat of a professional hacker, Runtime's rebellious nature led to him running away and sneaking aboard a shuttle headed for the Cyberaid. He made his home in the medical department which conveniently has a food vendor containing fish-based meals. Runtime is usually confined to the CMO's office, but he is always ready for an error on his owner's part to make his daring escape.

Renault.png Renault: Fox

Renault the fox is the pet of the Captain, technically making him the leader of all the pets on the station. Back on Earth, he was famous for starting his own line of plushie toys and joined Nanotrasen in an attempt to avoid the paparazzi. Renault is a major fan of the 21st century Earth band Ylvis and actor Micheal J. Fox.

GuardSpider.png Sergeant Araneus: Spider

Sergeant Araneus is the pet spider of the Head of Security. Although extensively trained by Nanotrasen before being sent aboard its ships, he tends to react poorly to being mistreated. Based on current data gathered by the Nanotrasen HR department, Araneus is responsible for roughly 5 broken or dislocated bones and 1 workplace fatality every day. He wasn't ever actually part of the military, but everyone was too scared of him to tell him he couldn't be a sergeant. In his free time, Araneus enjoys knitting and fly fishing.

Paperwork.png Paperwork the Sloth: Sloth