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Sleeper.gif Found in: Medbay
Used for: Injecting people with chemicals and dialysis.
Strategy: Stopping the clown from dying to Assistants. Again.

The Sleeper is a machine that allows you to directly inject preset chemicals into any crewmember (or small animal) that's inside it.


If a patient is inside the Sleeper, you can use the Sleeper Console to inject a number of preset chemicals. These chemicals are synthesized automatically as long as the Sleeper is powered, and you don't have to worry about running out. Keep in mind, patients in Heavy Critical Condition cannot be healed via the sleeper (not counting epinephrine, which is excluded from this restriction), so if someone is at -25 HP or below (this limit is increased as the sleeper is upgraded), and isn't merely suffocating to death, you'll need to use some other means of stabilizing them...

By default, Sleepers have the following chemicals:

  • Epinephrine - Attempts to cap oxygen damage at 35. If the patient is between -20 to -65 health, heals toxins, brute, and burn at 1 point each per tick. This is the same stuff found within the emergency autoinjectors that all crew start with;
  • Ether - A non-addictive alternative to morphine. Can be useful when performing surgery on species who require unique breathing equipment such as Vox or Plasmamen;
  • Salbutamol - Quickly heals oxygen damage while slowing down suffocation. Great for stabilizing critical patients;
  • Styptic Powder - On touch, quickly heals brute damage. Basic anti-brute healing drug

When upgraded by Science, the following chemicals are unlocked:

  • Oculine - Cures blindness and heals eye damage over time, also cures deafness and heals ear damage;
  • Charcoal - Slowly heals toxin damage, will also slowly remove any other chemicals;
  • Mutadone - Heals your genetic defects;
  • Mannitol - Heals brain damage effectively. Use it in cryo tubes alongside Cryoxadone;
  • Pentetic Acid - Reduces massive amounts of radiation and toxin damage while purging other chemicals from the body;
  • Omnizine - Heals 1 of each damage type a cycle, no side effects or restrictions

Upgrading the sleepers also allows you to inject more than 20 units of each chemical (the default value). However, keep in mind that patients can overdose on Omnizine and Epinephrine, and that Pentetic Acid has a set chance of dealing brute damage every time its metabolized, so be careful when using those chemicals. The sleeper's status bars will change color accordingly if you are in danger of overdosing your patient.


By adding a beaker/glass/bucket/any other container to the sleeper, you can use the Dialysis option. When activated, the sleeper will run the patient's blood through a filter, filling the container with any reagents in the patient's bloodstream. This, of course, is incredibly useful when someone is overdosing from a chemical, or is filled with hundreds of units of alcohol. This also removes a portion of blood, decreased with upgrades.

In addition, dialysis can be used in chemical recipes that involve blood. For example:

  • Place patient in Sleeper;
  • Place beaker with Carbon;
  • Initiate dialysis;
  • Inject Styptic Powder

Your beaker will now have Synthflesh in it!

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