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The Engine Area

How To Set Up The Tesla

Caution: New engineers are strongly encouraged to ask another engineer for assistance.

Located at the southern end of engineering in Space is the Tesla Engine. A modern, efficient and safe alternative to the infamous Singularity Engine.
It's really not that hard to set up the tesla properly and keep it maintained. This guide will assume that you're doing it alone, either because you're the only engineer that signed up, or because everyone else decided they had better things to be doing. First off, you'll need to know what to bring to the tesla room with you, which you can aquire handily from around Engineering.

You will need the following items:

  • RIG.png engineering hardsuit
  • Mashoe.png magboots
  • EmergencyOxygenTank.png oxygen tank
  • BreathMask.png breath mask
  • Wrench.png wrench
  • Screwdriver tool.png screwdriver
  • CableCoils.png cable coil

Now that you have your supplies, it's time to get to work!

Note: Each of the following "Setting Up" sections can be performed individually or with additional team members. Order of operation does not matter as long as "Finishing Up" is done last.

Setting Up the SMES

There are 4 of these are located in the Engineering bay.

  1. Make sure they are set to "Charging: Auto" (for Input) and "Online" (for Output);
  2. So long as the Engine is set up correctly, maxing out both Input and Output will work perfectly, and you will never be at risk of losing power, so feel free to hit the "Max" buttons.

Setting Up the Particle Accelerator

Caution: Do not bump into the accelerator before it is secured with a wrench. If you knock a piece out of place, right-click > "Pull" it back and right-click > "Rotate" to put it back in its place.

  1. Equip a Wrench.png wrench and click on each of the 6 sections of the engine, including the Control box.png control box. You will see "You secure the external bolts" 7 times. Make sure the arrow on the control box is pointing down. This is often a pitfall of new engineers. Rotate it until it is.
  2. Equip CableCoils.png wires and click on each of the 6 sections of the engine, including the control box. You will see "You add some wires" 7 times.
  3. Equip a Screwdriver tool.png screwdriver and click on each of the 6 sections of the engine, including the control box. You will see "You close the access panel" 7 times.
  4. Click on the control box to open it's menu, then click on "Run Scan".
    • If you continue to see "Unable to detect parts", you missed something in steps 1-3.
    • If you see "All parts in place", you may continue this instruction.

Caution: Do not click "Toggle Power" yet!

Setting up the Tesla

  1. Make sure your EmergencyOxygenTank.png oxygen tank and BreathMask.png breath mask are equipped and your oxygen tank is "Open" or highlighted "On" in your HUD.
  2. Use one of the two southern Airlock external.png External Airlock exits to go outside the station.
    • (Optional) Enable your Mashoe.png magboots' mag-pulse traction system so you don't accidentally slip into space or into something dangerous.
  3. Wrench and remove the Singo gen.png Singularity generator. You don't want two engines fighting it out in there, do you? If you want to run a singularity instead, look at the Guide to the Singularity Engine
  4. Click on each of the 4 Emitter.png Emitters to turn them on.
    • Caution: Do not walk in front of running emitters!
    • Remember to lock each emitter with your ID card, to prevent accidental (or purposeful) failure of containment.
  5. Walk around the outside of the inner circle and click on each of the 8 Field generator.png Field Generators, being careful to time your movement while passing in front of online Emitter.png Emitters.
    • Slowly, you will see a Containment field.gif containment field surrounding the inner circle connected by the Field Generators.
    • Caution: Do not walk into, or even stand near to the containment field!
  6. When the containment field has surrounded the entire inner circle, return inside the station.

Finishing Up

  1. Open the Control box.png control box menu.
  2. Click "Toggle Power" to turn the power on.
  3. Set Particle Strength = 2.
  4. Walk down and look out the window. You will see a stream of green particles shoot out from the Particle Accelerator, and after a few seconds, a badass Tesla Ball will apear.
  5. Unlike the Singularity, the Tesla engine cannot enter a critical state in which it would be possible for it to escape containment. You can turn the Partice Accelerator off or leave it running for maximal power generation.

Tesla ball.gif

Return to the SMES

  1. Check that the SMES' "Stored Capacity" % is increasing and that "Input: Charging".
  2. If the "Output Load" equals the "Output Level", it means that power is getting bottle-necked by that SMES. Click the far-right "+" to increase the Output Level until the Output Load stops increasing, then click the "+" a few more times to give the Output Load some breathing room.
  3. Immediately set the Input Level higher than the Output Level you end up with in the above step.
    • The higher the Input Level, the faster the SMES's Stored Capacity will charge and be later useful for engine malfunctions.
  4. Ensure that the engine APC.png APC is charging (the one located in the same room, currently Northeast of the engine beside the lone SMES).

Continued Upkeep

Unlike the Singularity, the Tesla engine is capable of running indefinitely after it's turned on. Without tampering it's impossible for it to become a danger to the station or die out.

Particle Accelerator Optimization

Upgrade the APC Power Cell

  1. Locate the APC.png APC on the wall beside the lone SMES unit, in the same room as the Particle Accelerator.
  2. Unlock it with your Id regular.png ID Card.
    • Click on your ID Card to put it in your hand, then click on the APC.
  3. Set "Equipment" to "On", not "Auto".
    • This is to ensure that vital engineering equipment will be the last to fail should the APC's power cell run low. You can also turn off the lights to save power, although this is not really recommended as it makes it harder to see trespassers in engineering.
  4. Use a Crowbar.png crowbar on the APC to open it.
  5. Click on the Power cell.png Power Cell to remove it.
  6. Find another Power Cell laying around and replace the Power Cell you just removed.
  7. Close the panel with the crowbar.
  8. Check the APC menu to make sure it is on and working.
  9. Lock the APC with your ID card.

Turning off the Engine

Occasionally, bad stuff happens. Well, most of the time, bad stuff happens. Sometimes it is necessary to deactivate the engine as safely as possible because nobody can maintain it. Other times meteor showers and bombs endanger your containment machinery. Whatever the crisis, if you have followed the steps above it should be safe to simply turn the accelerator off. The engine will continue to generate power as the Tesla slowly starves and shrinks, so containment won't fail until the tesla dies out and long after.

Using it as a weapon

The tesla is - along with massive plasma infernos and large scale bombings - one of the most brutal forces on the station. Dangerous enough when set free, it becomes an electrificty-spewing, shuttle-calling, indiscriminately murdering monstrosity. Perhaps the most dramatic way to end a round as a traitor. The tesla engine works with the singularity beacon and is extremely lethal to anyone caught outside of a locker or without a pair of insulated gloves and a hardsuit.

Setting the tesla free is not the easiest task to complete as a regular crew traitor, and you will get robusted in short order if you are caught. Generally speaking, all you need to do is disable the containment field. This can be accomplished by deactivating the emitters. Alternatively, you can disable the engineering APC. If you are not an engineer and get identified doing this, you can expect to not make it onto the emergency shuttle alive.