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Access: Wherever you can teleport to
Difficulty: Extremely Hard
Supervisors: Space Wizard Federation
Duties: Magic the place up as well as causing destruction to the station. Then evacuate to magic up Central Command!
Guides: No external guides.

Wizards are unique individuals who have access to powers that defy scientific principles. Most are part of the Space Wizard Federation, who have their own interests in Nanotrasen's resources. They are often given objectives to take valuable items, destroy certain things, or for the case of Wizards inbound to the NSS Cyberiad mostly - to simply cause havoc and destruction to the station. Unlike the Syndicate, however, wizards do not receive any outside assistance from the Federation. Outside of the wizard's spells and/or their apprentices, the wizard is completely on his or her own. Unless if the Federation is pissed, of course.

The wizard's goals are usually to steal or destroy something important to the station. But for this case, they need to cause destruction on the station and escape alive on the emergency shuttle.

You Are the Wizard, the Wizard Is You

You have been chosen by the Space Wizard Federation to infiltrate the NSS Cyberiad to complete your objective. You start out in the Wizard's Den, the place where Wizards usually plan ahead before causing chaos to the station. You are equipped with a spell book and a scroll of teleportation with 4 charges, as well as your specially issued Wizard Garb. The spell book is very important; it is the only way you are able to memorize and re-memorize your wizardly spells, and the scroll is the only way to teleport into and across the station, unless you have the teleport spell. You can NOT return to the Wizard's Den after teleporting out and you also can't re-learn spells after you have left the wizard's den so make sure you're ready before you leave!

Wizard Garb

Due south of your starting location will be a room filled with various outfits. The Wizard's Hood, Robes, and Sandals all act as magical amplifiers and boost the wizards skills. Certain spells can only be performed with them equipped, and they reduce the cool downs of the ones that don't. If you lose these, it can make completing your objective a lot harder.

Spells and other Magickes

If you are concerned about raising confusion or being found out, it is good to know that silent spells are either whispered or do not require you to say anything at all and loud spells will have you yell them out for everyone to hear. Also, your spellcasting ability is not impaired by being stunned, cuffed or gagged, unless the spell description specifically says so.

Spell Name Cost Requires Garb? Cooldown Description
Defensive Spells
No Clothes 2 N/A N/A This ability allows you to use all spells without your garments. A great choice if you wish to go undercover.
Rathen's secret 1 Yes 50 Summons a powerful shockwave around you that knocks everyone down for a moment, forcing all victims to emit a small smoke cloud and defecate their appendix. If you've already taken the liberty to remove the victim of their appendix, they instead take 10 brute damage, with a possibility of breaking their ribs if they are already hurt. (Loud spell)
Magic Missile 2 Yes 20 This spell fires several, slow moving, magic projectiles at all targets within your sight which stun them, but deal no damage. The stun duration is quite short, but just long enough to slap cuffs on someone if you are right next to them and have the cuffs in one of your hands already. (Loud spell)
Disable Tech 1 Yes 40 This spell creates an EMP disabling all energy weapons, cameras, radios and most other technology in range. (Loud spell)
Repulse 2 Yes 40 This spell throws everything around the user away. (Loud spell)
Stop Time 2 Yes 50 This spell stops time for on a 3x3 grid around you, allowing you to move freely while anyone or anything, including projectiles caught in the sphere will be frozen in place. Lasts 10 seconds. (Loud spell)
Smoke 1 No 12 This spell spawns a cloud of choking smoke at your location and does not require wizard garb. (Silent spell)
Forcewall 1 No 10 This spell creates an unbreakable wall that lasts for 30 seconds and does not need wizard garb. (Silent spell)
Bind Soul 2 No N/A A dark necromantic pact that can forever bind your soul to an item of your choosing. So long as both your body and the item remain intact and on the same plane you can revive from death, though the time between reincarnations grows steadily with use.
Offensive Spells
Fireball 2 No 6 This spell fires a fireball in the direction you are looking at and does not require wizard garb. (Loud spell) WARNING: Due to the way the game is coded, it's possible (a small chance) to hit yourself with a thing you're throwing, casting, et cetera. Do not cast fireballs the same direction you're walking, or you will possibly fireball yourself!
Disintegrate 2 Yes 60 This spell charges your hand with vile energy that can be used to violently explode victims. This spell manifests in your hand and requires you to touch your target, so you will not be able to use it while handcuffed or stunned. Additionally, all the gear except their shoes, gloves, helmet, mask, headset, glasses and whatever they were holding in their hands will be permanently destroyed. (Loud spell)
Blind 1 No 30 This spell temporarily blinds a single person and does not require wizard garb. (Silent spell)
Mutate 2 Yes 40 This spell causes you to turn into a hulk and gain laser vision ( You can shoot laser beams while on harm intent, each shot dealing a smashing 30 burn damage ) for a short while. Lasts 30 seconds, which means you can mantain this spell almost constantly as the cooldown starts ticking down even while you're using it. (Loud spell)
Flesh to Stone 2 Yes 60 This spell charges your hand with the power to turn victims into inert statues for a long period of time. You must touch the target with the spell readied, this will turn them into a stone statue that cannot be moved or harmed for 8 minutes. Cannot be used while stunned or cuffed. (Loud spell)
Lightning Bolt 2 Yes 30 Throws a lightning bolt at the nearby enemy. Classic. Takes 10 seconds to charge. ( Currently might not work properly when used! )
Lesser Summon Guns 4 Yes 75 Why reload when you have infinite guns? Summons a stream of bolt action rifles, letting you fire 31 times from the moment you cast the spell. You will also automatically drop any items in your other hand when shooting. (Loud spell)
Curse of the Horseman 2 No 15 This spell triggers a curse on a target, causing them to wield an unremovable horse head mask. They will speak like a horse! Any masks they are wearing will be disintegrated. This spell does not require robes. (Loud spell)
Curse of the Cluwne 2 No 15 Turns the target into a fat and cursed monstrosity of a clown. This spell does not require robes. (Loud spell) (Cluwnes can be freely killed by crew members and usually are)
Mobility Spells
Mind Transfer 2 No 60 This spell allows the user to switch bodies with a target. You must be next to the target you want to transfer into, after which you both will get knocked out for roughly 30 seconds. ( Silent spell )
Blink 2 Yes 2 This spell randomly teleports you a short distance in a random direction. Produces a loud sound. (Silent spell)
Teleport 2 Yes 60 This spell teleports you to a type of area of your selection the same way a scroll of teleportation does. After casting the spell, you will also audibly say where you are teleporting to, so if there was anyone nearby to hear you, expect them to try and chase you down before long. (Loud spell)
Ethereal Jaunt 2 Yes 30 This spell creates your ethereal form, temporarily making you invisible and able to pass through walls. If you are stunned or otherwise unable to move, you won't be able to escape after using jaunt either.( Silent spell )
Knock 1 No 10 This spell opens nearby doors and lockers and does not require wizard garb. (Silent spell)
Assistance Spells
Instant Summons 1 No 10 Cast this spell while holding an item to mark it. Cast it again while holding a free item to recall it. If you have marked an item and cast this spell while holding another item, you will remove the original mark, then you must cast the spell one more time to mark something else. ( Silent spell )
Charge 1 No 60 This spell can be used to recharge a variety of things in your hands, from magical artifacts to electrical components. A creative wizard can even use it to grant magical power to a fellow magic user. ( Silent spell )

Magical Items

Item Name Cost Description
Staff of Healing 1 An altruistic staff that can heal the lame and raise the dead.
Scrying Orb 2 An incandescent orb of crackling energy, using it will allow you to ghost while alive, allowing you to spy upon the station with ease. In addition, buying it will permanently grant you x-ray vision.
Wand Assortment 2 A collection of wands that allow for a wide variety of utility. Wands do not recharge, so be conservative in use. Comes in a handy belt.
Mastercrafted Armor Set 2 An artefact suit of armor that allows you to cast spells while providing more protection against attacks and the void of space.
Staff of Change 2 An artefact that spits bolts of coruscating energy which cause the target's very form to reshape itself.
Staff of Chaos 2 A caprious tool that can fire all sorts of magic without any rhyme or reason. Using it on people you care about is not recommended.
Mjolnir 2 A mighty hammer on loan from Thor, God of Thunder. It crackles with barely contained power.
Singularity Hammer 2 A hammer that creates an intensely powerful field of gravity where it strikes, pulling everthing nearby to the point of impact.
Staff of Door Creation 1 A particular staff that can mold solid metal into ornate wooden doors. Useful for getting around in the absence of other transportation. Does not work on glass.
Staff of Animation 2 An arcane staff capable of shooting bolts of eldritch energy which cause inanimate objects to come to life. This magic doesn't affect machines. Objects brought to life using this staff will have silly googly eyes but make no mistake, they are quite dangerous!
Six Soul Stone Shards and the spell Artificer 2 Soul Stone Shards are ancient tools capable of capturing and harnessing the spirits of the dead and dying. The spell Artificer allows you to create arcane machines for the captured souls to pilot.
A Necromantic Stone 2 A Necromantic stone is able to resurrect three dead individuals as skeletal thralls for you to command.
Contract of Apprenticeship 2 A magical contract binding an apprentice wizard to your service, using it will summon them to your side. Four types of apprentices are available, each of which is described upon activating the contract. You can have more than one apprentice. Each apprentice you summon has his own teleport scroll. Should you decide not to use an already summoned contract (or there are no ghosts available), clicking on your spellbook with the contract will get you a full refund,
Bottle of Blood 2 A bottle of magically infused blood, the smell of which will attract extradimensional beings when broken. Be careful though, these creatures, called Slaughter Demons, are indiscriminate in their killing, and you yourself may become a victim. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the demon.
Bottle of Tickles 2 A bottle of magically infused fun, the smell of which will attract adorable extradimensional beings when broken. These beings are similar to slaughter demons, but they do not permanently kill their victims, instead putting them in an extradimensional hugspace, to be released on the demon's death. Chaotic, but not ultimately damaging. The crew's reaction to the other hand could be very destructive. You need to 'use' the bottle to unleash the demon.
Tarot Deck 2 A deck of tarot cards that can be used to summon a spirit companion for the wizard. Functionality-wise, the companion is identical to the syndicate holoparasite. See: Guardian. Note that the Guardian drawn is of completely random type.

Game Ending Conditions

  • If the Wizard and all apprentices die, the crew wins.
  • If the shuttle leaves without the Wizard managing to destroy the station, no-one wins.
  • If the Wizard manages to cause destruction to the station and leaves on the shuttle, the Wizard wins.

Roleplaying Background

The Space Wizard Federation is a known terrorist organisation, tied to the Cult of Nar-Sie and the Syndicate... By Nanotrasen, at least.

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